'Bachelor' Hottie Courtney Robertson Has a Surprisingly Normal Stay-Slim Secret

courtney robertsonCourtney Robertson may have broken up with Bachelor Ben Flapjack, but the girl knows how to stay busy. Sounds like staying slender and fit is a priority of hers that keeps her occupied, and the reality star recently tweeted her stay-slim secrets.

Here's the thing. We all know Courtney's a little nutso (what with the "winning" battle cry, her manipulative toplessness, and her admission that she only stayed on the show, and got engaged, for the free trips), but her dieting advice? It's not crazy. In fact, it may be the most sane thing Courtney's ever said.


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A fan, TamQ1234 to be exact, tweeted at Courtney, "How do u stay so slim? Give me a sample day in the life of Courtney!"

And Court responded:

Fresh fruit black coffee walk/run intervals, stretch, soups&salads 4 lunch, water&green tea early dinners #hopethishelps :)

Yup, that's certainly a way to stay trim, flexible, and in great shape. No secrets there -- sounds like Courtney keeps her body and mind healthy by eating right and exercising. So simple, yet so complicated.

The only thing I'll call her out on (and "call out" is way too harsh a phrase here) is that the early dinners thing hasn't been proven to aid in any sort of weight loss. It doesn't matter if you eat 600 calories for supper at 6 p.m. or 600 calories at 11 p.m. At the end of the day, it's all what goes in and what gets spent -- timing has very little to do with it.

That said, many of us tend to snack on junk at night while we watch TV or read a book, so telling yourself you're not going to eat after a certain hour is sometimes a good way to curtail empty calorie intake.

Courtney may be a little cray when it comes to relationships and, you know, making good decisions on national TV, but when it comes to diet and exercise, girl's pretty smart.

What do you think of Courtney's stay-slim plan?


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