We Got Video PROOF That Ghosts Exist! (VIDEO)

I'll Take That DareWith Halloween approaching, it seemed like a perfect time for me to take that SCARE and see what it's like to be a paranormal investigator.

We joined a team of ghost hunters at a very famous haunted house known as Octagon Hall -- and ended up with VIDEO PROOF that ghosts exist!

Check it out -- after the jump!


This was definitely one incredibly spooky night!

I've seen shows like this before on television and thought that the "ghost hunters" had to be rigging the equipment in some way to make eerie activity seem to occur. But y'all. I WAS THERE. And the things I saw, heard, and felt could not have been rigged.

In addition to what you saw, I can tell you that out in the barn, the temperature immediately dropped 10 or 15 degrees when the monitors out there began going off. There was simply no denying it. And many of the words coming out of that "talk box" you heard coincided with the "vibes" our psychic was getting. She said the soldier spirit that seemed to be with us had a letter he wanted delivered to his lady love. A few minutes later, words like "letter" and "sweetheart" started coming out of the talk box.


I'm still reserving judgment on whether or not I believe ghosts exist. But I will say there were definitely things that happened that night that I can't explain, and that I don't think the ghost hunters made happen.

What do you think about our experience? Does this make you believe in ghosts?

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