'Bachelor' Winner Courtney Robertson Would've Dumped Ben Sooner but She Wanted a Free Trip

Courtney Robertson Ben Flajnik

Her engagement to Bachelor Ben Flajnik is over for good, but that isn't stopping Courtney Robertson from taking one last jab at him and resurrecting her evil, mean-girl image one more time.

Get this one -- apparently she almost quit and went home during the course of filming, but Courtney decided to stay because she wanted a free vacation on ABC's dime. She was all set to dump Ben and leave the show for good, but then she called her sister, who had read some of the Bachelor spoilers, and found out the last four shows would be filmed in gorgeous locations like Belize and Switzerland -- so she figured she'd better stick around. (Smart gal, considering she wound up with a few new stamps in her passport and a huge rock on her finger.)


OMG! I wonder if Ben has heard about this nonsense? Because if he has, he probably feels like he just got punched in the gut. I mean, can you imagine how devastated he'd be to realize their entire relationship on the show was nothing but a cheap play by Courtney to score a trip around the world?

Or maybe this news will actually make Ben happy, because he was still able to make her fall for him even though jetting off to amazing locations may have been her initial motivation.

But whether she truly fell in love with him or not is neither here nor there, because hearing that she stayed for the sake of traveling opens a whole new can of worms as far as other people who may go on the show for all the wrong reasons. Remember, when The Bachelor first started, the majority of the filming was done in L.A., and then they wound up taking a trip for the overnight dates at the end. But now contestants know that they'll likely be hopping around from one fabulous place to another while they're on their quest for "true" love -- which I'm sure is more than enough incentive for some to stick it out even if they aren't falling for The Bachelor or Bachelorette in question.

Sigh. Leave it to Courtney to ruin one more aspect of this show for all of us at home. Couldn't she have just left this one well enough alone?

Do you think a lot of contestants do the show for the free trip?


Image via ABC

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