‘Teen Mom’ Catelynn Lowell Insists She and Tyler Aren’t Breaking Up

Catelynn & Tyler from 'Teen Mom'

The news that Teen Mom's Tyler Baltierra is moving away to New Orleans and away from fiance Catelynn Lowell made me a little nervous last week. So many thoughts raced through my mind: Will the young duo make it? Will he be successful down there? And it seems I'm not the only one with my mind going rampant.

Apparently Twitter and Teen Mom fans everywhere have been bombarding Catelynn on Twitter asking if she and Ty are going to break up. Thankfully the star set the record straight on Sunday, saying that she and her boyfriend are not breaking up "just because he's going off to pursue dreams. I'm standing beside him."

That's my kinda woman. A strong woman. A woman who understands that distance may be hard, but it's not a deal breaker if you're really in love.


A really strong relationship is all about sacrifice. Catelynn is giving up the things she's used to support her boyfriend in his quest to better his career and, eventually, their situation.

Yes, this will be a huge test for their relationship. Long distance isn't an easy thing. You miss each other. You feel lonely. Usually there's a whole lot of tears. Often times, though, it enables you to learn new things about your partner. When you do the same things together day-in and day-out, it's easy to take one another for granted. Long distance relationships involve crucial communication, scheduling time to talk to each other, and really listening. In other words, it makes your relearn to really value your partner. 

I have no doubt in my mind that Tyler and Catelynn will make it through this summer with him away. Lucky for her, wedding planning is a great time-suck and even BETTER distraction.

Have you ever been in a long distance relationship? Was it tough on you?


Image via MTV

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