'DWTS' Recap: Kelly Monaco's 'Guilty Pleasure' Isn't Fun for Her Boyfriend

Kelly Monaco

The theme of this week's Dancing With the Stars performances is something pretty much all of us will admit to having -- "Guilty Pleasures."

And while the simple act of watching DWTS and other reality TV shows each week may be the source of guilty pleasures for a lot of us, it's pretty obvious that the cast members have different ideas as to what they can't help but get all excited about.

Heck, judge Carrie Ann Inaba even fell off her chair over how hot Gilles Marini is, which is totally justified. Who wouldn't fall off their seat after seeing him shake it?

And she can try and deny it or remain quiet about the status of their relationship all she wants, but Kelly Monaco's guilty pleasure is written all over her face and body every time she steps onto the dance floor.


Um, OF COURSE I'm talking about her partner, Val Chmerkovskiy. (They're totally doing it. Or at least they're thinking about doing it.)

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C'mon -- it's SO obvious that Kelly and Val are turning into more than friends, and even she went to extra lengths tonight to try and cover up their attraction. Did you catch her boyfriend, Heath Freeman, sitting there in the audience pretending to cheer for her even though he looked absolutely mortified over the chemistry she has going on with Val? OMG. Poor dude didn't know whether to break down and cry or get on his knees and beg her to not to leave him. (It was kinda pathetic.)

And Kelly was fully aware that her boyfriend was sitting in the audience watching her every move, because she seemed so much more distant and cold when it came to her interaction with Val this week. Hmm -- if I had to guess, I'd say she's definitely trying to hide the fact that they're hot and heavy. But seriously -- how much longer can these two deny the fact that they're falling for each other HARD? (Sorry, Heath -- but it's true.)

Do you think Kelly and Val will eventually become a couple?


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