Teresa Guidice & Caroline Manzo Deny Dying Child Their Help – Unless They Get Paid

teresa guidiceWhen I read that Teresa Guidice and Caroline Manzo had allegedly decided to skip a charity Halloween party meant to raise money for Christopher DiMartino, a little boy who has suffered with cancer since he was 3, because no one would pay their hefty appearance fees, I was disgusted -- but honestly -- not shocked. It’s pretty apparent when watching the show that many of the Real Housewives of New Jersey ladies have lost touch with reality. And if this story is true, this here is some solid proof of that!

The 6-year-old boy, who reportedly only has months to live, needs chemotherapy that his family simply can't afford to pay. So local businesses and friends have rallied together to throw this fundraising Halloween party ... and the hope was that these "local" New Jersey celebs would make an appearance. But when a friend of organizer Salvatore Scirica reached out ... the requests were completely ignored.


Who the hell would ignore a request to help raise money to save a dying child's life? Maybe in lieu of their outrageous fees (rumors are they range anywhere from $3,000 to $30,000) they should donate some money to this little boy’s chemotherapy fund. Better yet, maybe Bravo should donate money to the cause to help get the bad taste out of the general public’s mouth left by their reality stars' bad behavior! These broads are known for nothing. They are famous for having big mouths. Why not use their big mouths and outrageous personalities to help save a little boy? For the love of Pete, they are moms themselves.

Do they have some kind of magical powers in their fake boobs and false nails? Because otherwise, what's the $30,000 for? Apparently, nothing’s for free in New Jersey, not even compassion for dying children.

To be fair, Caroline Manzo's reps maintain that she had never been contacted to appear. Teresa Guidice has remained silent on the issue. Though, if you are a fan of the show, you know only too well that you never know who you can trust.

Do you think it's true? Can you see these Real Housewives of New Jersey acting in this very, very bad way?

 Image via Jennifer Marie Puglia/Flickr

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