'Bachelor Pad' Stars Blakeley Jones & Tony Pieper Break Up Because Relationships Are 'Hard'

Blakeley and TonyBlakeley Jones seemed an unlikely candidate for "wife," so when Tony Pieper picked her out on Bachelor Pad and proposed on the finale, it was a big shock. In less shocking news, the two have now ended their short-lived engagement. Blakeley had moved across the country to be with Pieper and his son and now has to move back. Or, you know, get another "high end cocktail waitress" job.

Perhaps the most shocking part of their split is the reason given. Pieper said, simply: "It just ended up being a lot harder than we expected." Can I get an eye roll? Because hi, you think a couple months of cohabitation and engagement are hard? You should try marriage!

Look, I get that some people are not compatible. I also get that it's better they discovered this now and not AFTER marriage. But come on. They JUST got engaged. How hard could they have REALLY been trying?


Relationships are not supposed to feel like a ridiculous amount of work but they are not supposed to be "easy" either. Good relationships take time and effort and love. They take attention and yes, even work. Shocking, I know. 

There seems to be this expectation out there, in the world at large, that things should be "easy." It's just not the case. Relationships take work. I find it hard to believe that a woman worth proposing to a couple months ago is not worth fighting for and working for a few weeks later. Something smells fishy.

Movies make love and romance look easy. But if it were easy, the divorce rate would be much lower. Commitment is about giving it your all even when you don't want to, even when it is "hard."

Life is "hard." It is hard to be alone and hard to sustain a relationship. Sometimes you are in love, sometimes you are not. Sometimes you hate each other, sometimes you don't. But you know what? If you stick it out, it becomes worth it all. Every hard part is made up with 15 good parts. Note: I did not say "easy." Easy is for wimps.

Good luck to Pieper and Jones on finding their "easy" relationships. That should take a while.

Do you think relationships should be "easy"?


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