'Homeland' Recap: Never a Good Idea to Befriend Your Ex

Homeland gets me every week. The twists and wild cards the writers throw at us make make for some ridiculously tense viewing, but I haven't had to close my eyes ... at least, not yet! Though, this week I came close.

"You and me and bars," Carrie says as she meets Brody for the first time in season two, episode four of Homeland. Brody fires back, a little too flirtatiously for a man who's wife has realized he's full of the bullshit and kicked him out that very morning, "Always ends up in an interesting way, doesn't it?"

The word choice: "interesting" is an ominous prediction of the rest of the episode. This series can give you serious heart palpitations with all of the plot-twists ... leaving the viewer on the edge of his or her proverbial seat.

The moral of this episode? Don't bother trying to befriend your ex.


An interesting turn -- and not one we expected so quickly -- the return of the Carrie/Brody show, but Claire Danes and Damien Lewis play it flawlessly. She's about to meet the man who drove her both insane and (in an odd twist) back, once again, to sanity.

Their bantering at the bar is volleyed expertly back and forth, truly capturing the awkwardness of "I've seen you naked and now we're supposed to be "friends?" The power easily shifts back and forth to Carrie, who's returning to stability after ECT treatment for her bipolar disorder, and Brody, who is trying to "work the angle" and get Carrie -- who he knows suspects him of being a part of a terrorist cell -- to trust him again.

She's too smart for his crap. And even though it's clear the two have deeper feelings for one another -- than even they'd expected -- when the conversation turns awkward, Brody bails, leaving Carrie to stew in her rage.

Bad move, Brody. Bad, BAD, move. Or, perhaps, it's a great move? The show always has our emotions twisting back and forth. Still, Brody, who's been booted from his home AND has just pissed off the woman he'd been trying to "befriend" under false pretenses, should have taken a valuable lesson from the day: "Don't piss off the women in your life."

Still fuming, Carrie decides to work her best assets and his Achilles heel -- she shows up to his hotel room and gets all flirty on him before pulling out the big guns: "You reek of bullshit," she tells him, scathingly.

When Brody suggests the two form a friendship, Carrie drops the proverbial bomb:

Oh yeah, do I want to be friends with a demented ex-soldier who hates America? Who decided strapping on a bomb was the answer to what ails him?

Ooooh SNAP!

Guess being friends with your ex doesn't always work out. Especially when your ex is a former CIA agent whom you've gaslighted, lied to, told her boss that she was "crazy" and had her fired, only to have her undergo weeks of ECT to make her "sane" again.

Truth is, she ALWAYS was sane(ish). She knew Brody was full of bullshit WELL before the rest of the cast (we, of course, always knew).

Even worse for Brody, his ex, well, she's got friends in high places. As soon as Brody starts spilling the beans, confirming that he was, in fact, a terrorist, the CIA bursts into the hotel and throws a hood over the (now) US Congressmen's ginger head. Carrie then says something she's been dying to say since Season One:

You're a disgrace to your nation, Sergeant Nicholas Brody. You're a traitor and a terrorist. And now it's time you pay for that.

Phew! Such a crazy episode.

Were you completely shocked at how this episode ended?

Image via Nadav Kander/SHOWTIME

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