'Revenge' Recap: Split-Second Tragedy for Amanda & Her Baby (VIDEO)

revenge intuitionWe begin this week's episode with Emily playing sock puppet with Fauxmanda -- you know, business as usual. She's trying to get Victoria to spill details on what happened to her mother. But who knew things would spiral so far out of control? We did, of course!

I guess it goes without saying that Amanda's was the baby shower from hell. (As an aside, was it just me, or did this episode feature the first-ever maternity bandage dress? Well played, Revenge, well played.) I loved it when Amanda showed up with "her people," i.e. her strip club buddies. But that was pretty much the last laugh Amanda ever got. I kinda saw where they were headed when I saw Amanda and Victoria "duelling" right by that balcony, but wow! 


"Amanda, I am your father!" Ha, just kidding. No, far more shocking than that -- when Amanda confronts Victoria with hospital sign-in sheets Victoria admits that David Clark tried to keep her from finding out her mother tried to kill her.  ALSO: WE FINALLY WE LEARN THE WHITE-HAIRED MAN'S NAME: GORDON MURPHY. And Victoria earlier reveals that Gordon saved Victoria from The Initiative... I think?

So to review: Kara is Emily's mother, Gordon Murphy is the white-haired man, David was working against them with Victoria who then betrayed him -- WHAT?!? Leave a comment below if you're less confused than I am.

Sigh. Meanwhile, we have Conrad jetting off someplace for a sit-down (or walk-about, if you're literal) with a rep from The Initiative. She looks like the Executive Vice President of a television network. But she's not! She's with The Initiative!

And Conrad leaves Ash behind to spy on Daniel. Poor boy is just a wee bit too slow to keep up with this game at times. He still trusts Ashley until about half-way through the episode. His boot-licking routine doesn't fool Conrad, either. You have much to learn, Daniel-Grasshopper. Much to learn.

In other news, Nolan's father just died. Regrets! In other, other news, Nolan kisses a girl. Yeah, weird.

Weirder than what's going on with Emily and her mom, who is not exactly turning out to be Mother of The Year. Emily's flash-back confirms that Kara tried to drown Amanda when she was a little girl. In the present day, Kara stuns and ties up Aiden in the hopes that Gordon will find him and do him in, I suppose. She also suggests Gordon is not the baddie everyone makes him out to be. 

Back to Fauxmanda and her big fall (Conrad: "On our property?!?") -- naturally, mother and baby's life are both in danger. The doctor asks if they have to choose, who should live? Emily says "save the baby, Amanda told me that's what she wanted." The nerve! And they just take her word for it even though she's not family. But whatever. They save the baby but they have to induce a coma in Amanda. OH GOOD, I WAS JUST THINKING THAT WAS THE ONE THING MISSING FROM REVENGE: A GOOD OLD-FASHIONED COMA.

And I haven't even gotten into the weirdness of that mystery man trying to get Jack's bar -- WHY? Must be The Initiative-related! Next week's episode looks like it'll focus on Emily's emotional turmoil at learning that her mother is Eee-ville.

How long before Kara finds out which woman is her real daughter -- and how long before she tries to kill one or both of them?


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