'Teen Mom' Jenelle Evans' Halloween Skeleton Manicure Is Festive & Fun (PHOTOS)

jenelle evans nailsBreaking news, everybody. Are you sitting? Teen Mom Jenelle Evans got her nails did. The 20-year-old mom of Jace, 3, took time out of her busy day to indulge in a little manicure. But not just any manicure, you guys, she had some serious nail art done and walked out of the salon with Halloween-themed phalanges complete with skulls and skeletons. Kewlness.

Check it out up close:







jenelle evans nails

Her boyfriend du jour, Cortland, accompanied his lady to get her nails did and tweeted, "Watching jenelle get her nails done … and i am starvingggggg", which, for some reason, makes me laugh, a lot.

Jenelle's had a bumpy road recently, what with an alleged sex tape about to be released on the Internet by her ex boyfriend's MOM, so I can see wanting to unwind with a nice trip to the nail salon.

Plus, I'm a sucker for anything Halloween-themed. Be it a party where you get black out drunk and sleep with man who was dressed as Snooki, a witch cupcake, or candy corn nails, I'm all for it. Halloween's fun. You heard it hear first.

Jenelle will be heading to a rave on Halloween, but something tells me this nail art isn't suited for that kind of party. Plus, it'll be all chipped and banged up by then. Nah, I think this skeleton manicure is just to get in the spooky spirit, and I bet her son Jace will love his mommy's super cool mani. And when it comes time to rave, Jenelle will have plenty other nail art options for that kind of occasion. Something like this seems appropriate.

In the meantime, keep on keepin' on, Jenelle. Love the skelo nails, grrl.

Like Jenelle's spooky mani?


Photos via PBandJenelly 1/Twitter



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