Tom Hanks Drops F-Bomb on 'GMA' & Is Adorably Embarrassed (VIDEO)

tom hanks f-bombWhy Tom Hanks! Wash your mouth out with soap this instant. This morning on Good Morning America Tom Hanks let loose an F-bomb. That's right, Mr. Nice Guy, Hollywood's favorite aw-shucks good guy. Unthinkable! 

All host Elizabeth Vargas wanted was to hear Hanks do the accent he does in his new movie, Cloud Atlas. "Oy, oy," Hanks warned. "Mostly that's swear words, so that's a little bit ..." But he does it anyway, and sure enough, after rattling off a few words I didn't understand at all, he let loose the holy mother of all swear words. Excellent! I mean -- oh no, poor GMA, Tom, and Elizabeth. Soon they were falling all over each other apologizing.


"I want to apologize to the kids of American who are watching right now," Hanks said. Poor guy -- if you watch the video, you'll see an "Oh shit, am I in trouble!" look of panic in his eyes and some so-nervous moustache smoothing before he recovers his genial manner and jokes about his slip. And he predicted that the next time he's on the show, there will probably be a seven-second delay. And no more hand-held microphones for him!

Aw, but if anyone could get away with letting the F-word fly on Good Morning America, it's gotta be Tom Hanks. He's earned it! After years of playing a sweetheart on screen and in real life, I think we can forgive him for a wee bit of naughtiness on the air. And I think he really is sincerely sorry about swearing in front of the kids of America. And the grandparents of America. And America. He only does that in the movies!

We all forgive him, right? Of course we do. Tom Hanks, relax! It's not a big fucking deal. 

What did you think of Tom Hanks' accidental F-bomb?


Image via ABC/Buzzfeed

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