Emily Maynard Will Be 'Bachelorette' Again if ABC Gets Their Way

Emily Maynard

OMG. She's only been single again for, like, five seconds, and already there's a rumor going around that ABC wants Emily Maynard to be The Bachelorette again. (You know, because the process of finding love on TV worked so well for her the first two times.)

According to a source who talked to RadarOnline, "Emily’s ratings were huge and the producers know that she is incredibly popular so they are talking with her about coming back for another try."

UGH. There they go with all that ratings talk again. Does everything really have to be about ratings? (Yes, I'm kidding. Of COURSE it does.)


Ok, so I get where ABC is coming from and all because Emily's season was definitely one of the highest watched seasons in Bachelorette history (if not THE most watched). But while die-hard fans like me will gladly sit on their couch glued to the TV set every Monday night no matter who the Bachelor or Bachelorette is -- some people might roll their eyes and be totally turned off by ABC bringing back someone who gave the show two tries -- and wound up with two broken engagements.

Emily's such a sweetheart, and I love her, but I'm just not sure fans will be able to buy into the process of her finding love on television for a third time and actually having it last forever.

But believe it or not, ABC may be banking on the idea of people not being able to stand Emily as The Bachelorette, but not being able to resist tuning in either. The source added, "ABC loves Emily, there are tons of Emily fans, and the producers think it could be an amazing twist that would really get people watching, even if it is haters tuning in to see what she will do a third time!"

Of course, I guess it doesn't really matter what ABC wants, because Emily is the only one who can decide if giving the show a third try is worth a shot. All of the negative backlash she received after her engagement to Jef Holm has to have weighed heavy on her heart, and I'm just not sure if she's ready and willing to take any more beatings.

Will you watch The Bachelorette if ABC brings Emily Maynard back?


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