Emily Maynard Goes Back to a Simple 'Mom' Style After Split From Jef Holm

Emily MaynardNow that her engagement to Jef Holm is officially over, Bachelorette Emily Maynard is dressing like a regular mom again, which is definitely a good thing. Don't get me wrong, Emily looks amazing no matter what she's wearing, but it was pretty obvious that she dialed up the glam a bit when she was cast as The Bachelorette.

Of course, any mom would want to amp up their style and wardrobe if they were appearing on national television, but even after the show ended, Emily was still spotted out and about wearing super high heels, more than ample makeup, and some pretty fancy attire.


And while all moms love getting all gussied up once in a while, let's be honest -- wearing more of a traditional "mom" uniform is much more practical (not to mention comfortable) than dressing to impress camera crews.

Doesn't she look so much more relaxed and "normal" wearing leggings, a comfy top, and boots than she did wearing tight dresses and stilettos?

When it comes to our day-to-day lives, choosing pieces like jeans, leggings, cords, khakis, and of course -- the occasional pair of yoga pants even when you aren't headed to the gym -- just makes so much more sense than trying to be all glamorous while keeping up with our kids. There's no sense in trying to fight the fact that we're moms -- which is beautiful enough in itself without throwing any unnecessary fanciness into the mix.

Do you think Emily's casual look suits her best?


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