Bristol Palin Says 'Bachelorette' Gig Would Be 'Too Boring'

Bristol PalinBristol Palin may be off Dancing With the Stars, but that doesn't mean she is out of the spotlight. Currently, the famous daughter and single mom is taking some heat for telling Jimmy Kimmel that she would never be The Bachelorette. It would be “too boring” she said.

And while some are taking issue with her and saying that she thinks she is "too good" for the franchise, I think she is awesome for saying what she said. It WOULD be boring. For many reasons.

Bristol is just too uptight for the role. That's for sure. And she knows it, too. She said, "I don't think I am that kind of character." We already had one somewhat boring single mom on the show. Not that I don't love Emily Maynard. I totally do. But you have to admit, she wasn't a spice fest.


The fact is, Bristol is both a young single mom AND the daughter of a politician. She couldn't possibly afford to be slutting it up in the Bachelor mansion's cesspool hot tub. Bristol, for all her reality TV, is really more of a reserved person. She seems shy.

In fact, before people started being so mean to her and she went on the defensive, she used to seem kind of sweet and shy. These aren't good qualities for a woman who is supposed to date/narrow down 25 potential suitors into one husband. Besides, let's face it, no one ever finds love on the show. They find cheap, B-grade fame. And Bristol already has that!

Nope, Bristol chose the right path with DWTS. If you want to do reality, that is the show to do. It takes talent, but it doesn't reveal too much of who you are. You make money, but you don't whore yourself out. And, in the end, it's a competition, replete with weight loss and fitness benefits.

In fact, Bristol's reaction to The Bachelorette question makes me like her even more. If she holds true and doesn't give in to ABC if she is asked, then she has integrity. It's a train wreck of a show. She is right to stay away.

Do you think Bristol would make a good Bachelorette?


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