'Teen Mom' Jenelle Evans Is Single AGAIN

Jenelle EvansIn totally (not) shocking news, Teen Mom Jenelle Evans is single once again. Just two weeks after announcing she was moving in with Courtland Rogers, she has now announced they are broken up. Big surprise, right?

Two weeks ago, it was easy to see this coming. Jumping into a relationship is never a good idea. Jumping into a relationship when you are Jenelle Evans? You might as well smack yourself in the head.

Seriously, Jenelle goes through men like used Kleenexes. Take one, blow your nose, and away it goes! Here's a novel idea: Focus on yourself Jenelle! Seriously, who isn't sick to death of bashing the girl?


Jenelle is like the worst of those high school girls we all knew who couldn't live without a boyfriend. She is a cliche of what can happen to a girl whose relationship with her dad is awful.

It's not her fault. But she is on a national stage, so the drama we normally saw in the messed up high school girls are now playing out nationally.

It's awful. It's sad. But let's not pretend we didn't see it coming. Jenelle needs help, not more publicity. All the attention from Teen Mom is actually hurting her.

What Jenelle needs is a different childhood and some quality brainwashing to help her become a better mom and person. But she isn't going to get that through publicity. She isn't going to get it through Twitter or Facebook or any blog.

She needs counseling and love. She also needs to pick better men. Fingers crossed that this is the breakup that will change Jenelle.

Are you surprised by this?


Image via MTV

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