'Real Housewives of New York' Reunion Part 2 Recap: 5 Burning Questions Answered (Sorta)

Ramona Singer and Sonja MorganThe thing with Real Housewives reunions is that they're almost always one part too long. Part two of The Real Housewives of New York reunion tonight was no exception either, as it dragged out what little drama this season brought a little too long. 

There were a few highlights, however, many of which came from the viewer questions Andy Cohen asked the women. He got pretty bold too. Here were five of the biggest revelations of the night:


LuAnn de Lesseps lied about being with the pirate.

She admitted that she lied about Tomas, the Johnny Deep lookalike, coming to the house in St. Barth's, but denied they got it on together. She claimed to be deeply sorry and upset by the whole matter. However, she was about as believable as her singing is good. In other words: Not at all! Jacques must believe her though as she said they're still together.

Sonja Morgan & Tomas did get it on.

Though exactly in what manner they did so will remain a mystery. Andy Cohen had the gall to ask her if Tomas "played in the backyard," but Sonja was coy and would only admit they romped in the garden. Hmmm?

Carole Radziwill admitted that she did date George Clooney.

Go Carole. She said they were both single at the time, and that there was no scandal involved. He read some of the first pages of her book. Awww.

Heather Thomson & Sonja Morgan have agreed to disagree about the toaster oven.

Heather showed some amazing restraint when Sonja whipped out designs for her toaster oven logo that a viewer had put together. After all Heather did for her, it was insulting at best. If we'll ever actually see this toaster oven remains to be seen.

Aviva Drescher revealed why Ramona's drinking bothers her so much.

She told the group that her mom died six years ago from alcoholism, and that when she was yelling at Ramona, she felt like was yelling at her mother. It does explain a lot, though it doesn't necessarily excuse it nor did it explain why she laughs off her father's lecherous behavior while she condemns Sonja's sexcapades.

The most tense moment of the night came right at the very end when Andy asked Ramona about her drinking and she got uber defensive: “Why do you keep doing this with me? If you want to pick on me, pick on something real! I don’t like it Andy. I don’t like it."

The best line of the night came from Andy Cohen when he was telling Ramona she had lipstick on her teeth: "You look like a mental patient."

What were you most surprised by on the reunion tonight?


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