'Bachelor' Star Courtney Robertson's Fling With 'Bachelorette' Hottie Can Only Help Emily Maynard

Courtney RobertsonThe incestuous world of the Bachelor and Bachelorette just got a whole lot more complicated. Bear with me, because this is about to get tricky. Courtney Robertson -- you know, the girl who was just freed from her engagement to Bachelor Ben Flajnik -- was caught kissing Arie Luyendyk Jr.

Arie, of course, was one of the guys fighting to win Emily Maynard's heart in the Bachelorette. If Emily hasn't already put in a call to the florist, it's time. Courtney deserves at least a few dozen roses for this one, don't you think?


Emily's relationship with Jef Holm, the dude she eventually picked over Arie, has been plagued with nothing but scandal the past few weeks, and let's remember who has been the source of plenty of it: Arie. It's only been, what, two months since the debate over whether Emily and Arie slept together in the fantasy suite before she got engaged to Jef? Let's just say that this dude being coupled up is exactly what Emily needs right now.

If Courtney takes Arie off the market, what does it matter if Emily slept with him? He's taken. There's not going to be any romantic rekindling of feelings. Period. Emily and Jef can live happily ever after ... or at least live with a wee bit less speculation about whether theirs is a real love.

Of course, Courtney is clearly rebounding after her engagement ended. The fling with Arie could be over by the end of the weekend for all we know. But still ... an entire weekend of walking around Charlotte canoodling with Jef while the tabloids bug Courtney and Arie? That's about as "left alone" as Emily's going to get until she puts on a white dress.

What do you think of Courtney and Arie hooking up?


Image via ABC

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