'Teen Mom' Farrah Abraham's Dream Guy Could Turn Out to Be a Total Disaster

farrah abraham teen momThe first Teen Mom series may be over, but many of the MTV show's stars are still making headlines for their wild and outspoken ways. Take Farrah Abraham, for instance. The young mom got candid during MTV's Ask the Moms special and spoke about being single again (after a brief stint dating a guy who works for Ryan Seacrest). When asked how she'd describe the kind of guy she's looking for, she revealed ... "He'd be a smart, rich doctor!" Face. Palm.

Apparently, she was "joking" (yeah, sure), and went on to say, "I think my perfect person that I'm looking for, for marriage and like a guy, would be just a strong independent man, and a good father-figure for Sophia. And a great partner for myself." Okay, when it comes to those last two traits, fair enough, but still, Farrah better be careful what she wishes for ...


When we're single we can't help but have an idea of a "perfect person." And by the way, we can't really begrudge her kooky, princessy quote completely, because after all, she was asked to describe her Mr. Right! But getting too specific or being too particular is always a recipe for trouble. You end up closing yourself off from a bevy of eligible bachelors who could very easily be The One!

I've seen so many single friends limit their options or turn away a really great guy because he didn't fit a description that they believed was best for them ... on paper. That's the key. Sure, the "smart, rich doctor" or "handsome, ambitious lawyer" or "ripped, kooky gym teacher" you've been vying for might turn out to be your perfect partner. Or he could be a complete JERK! (Or at least Mr. Very, Very Wrong.)

In college and for a little while after, I totally thought I would end up with a certain "type." I went for media guys -- news producers, photographers, editors, writers/reporters like me. And I got burned over and over again. One day I was smart enough to be okay with dating a guy in an industry very different from my own. Turns out, sometimes you click so much more with someone you could have never seen yourself pairing up with.

If Farrah's serious about marriage and finding the right father figure for Sophia, she'd be wise to heed just one, simple, but oh-so-effective thing: Broaden her horizons.

Do you agree sometimes Mr. Right isn't who you expect?

Image via MTV

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