'Nashville' Premiere Recap: A Little Bit Country & a Whole Lot of Awesome

Hayden PanettiereWhen it comes to television viewing, my feet are typically planted firmly in reality (read: Real Housewives, The Bachelor). Ever since they took Swingtown off the air and broke my heart, I haven't really found a drama that's drawn me in for long. So I was a little leery about Nashville, which premiered tonight on ABC. It looked so good, however (anything with Connie Britton would), and had gotten so many rave reviews from critics that I had to tune in and see for myself. And yeehaw! am I glad I did.

The drama started out of the gate, and the rivalry between slutty, young, cutthroat singer Juliette Barnes (played brilliantly by Hayden Panettiere) and the older, industry veteran Rayna James (played even more brilliantly by Britton) was intense. When Barnes said to James upon meeting her, "My mama was one of your biggest fans," you knew it was on. Then Rayna's record label wanted her to not only tour with Juliette, but open for her. Ouch.


It's a scenario that rings true, and we can imagine various scenarios in the real-life country music scene that could play out just like this with the older legends being quickly cast aside by the shiny new auto-tuned youngsters of today. And I'm sure it does. 

Both of the lead characters also have compelling family drama (Juliette's mother is a drug user who begs for money; Rayna's dad is some kind of power-hungry evil-doer) and love interests. There's so much material to cover, it's going to get deep fast. There's even a political race at stake.

Then there's the music, which was perfect. It wasn't overwhelming and obnoxious, so if twang makes your ears bleed, you really can still handle it. But if you're a country fan, even better, as the original songs they played were pretty solid. There were a couple I'd actually like to hear again.

Overall, I was impressed. I'll definitely be tuning in for the next few episodes to see if they can keep up the momentum they kicked off with this first episode. If so, I think my DVR may just have a new addition, y'all.

Did you watch Nashville? What did you think?


Image via ABC

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