'Teen Mom' Amber in Prison Recap: Sober Amber Is a Different Person

Amber Portwood jailThe Teen Mom special Amber Behind Bars finally ran Tuesday night after so much speculation. Dr. Drew went to the prison to visit Amber and there is no doubt that Amber Portwood is doing better than any of us could have even imagined.

First of all, holy hell. She is sober. And wow. That is different. Her entire personality is different off of drugs, and it's alarming that so much of what we saw on Teen Mom was Amber in full drugged-out mode.

The story isn't surprising. Most of it we already knew. But Amber's change is marked and pronounced, and some of her admissions about Leah are just sad.


I had no idea that she was such an addict that she would say she cared more about scoring drugs than loving her child.

That has nothing to do with her being a teen mother and everything to do with her having a bad childhood and being unable to manage her emotions. It's a sad and unfortunate reality that Amber had a lot of growing to do as a person in order to be a good mom. 

As guilty as she feels, though, for not being honest with Leah about where she is, for abandoning her, for letting her down, and for not doing visits, in the end, if Amber gets better, it's the best gift she can give to her child to get well.

Throughout the seasons, I have never once doubted that Amber is a mom who loves her child. Even at her worst, she always had an obvious, palpable love for little Leah.

Choosing prison may seem insane to some, but the haters have to recognize that she seemed better tonight than she has ever been. If prison will really help her change, then it was the best decision she could have made.

Hopefully she is released faster, too.

Do you think Amber seemed well?

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