'Teen Mom' Jenelle Evans Gets a New Home & You Won’t Believe How

Jenelle EvansHow's this for a sign you can't trust the tabloids? While the rumors are flying that Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans is homeless, the star herself says she's anything but. In fact, she and her new boyfriend (nope, not Reefer Kieffer) have moved into a new place. And it's all thanks to a rather interesting law in her home state of North Carolina.

See, Jenelle has been renting for awhile now, long enough that the house she shared with one-time fiance Gary Head was the same place where she and Kieffer Delp were shacking up. Now add new guy Courtland Rogers to the mix, and you could see how things were getting a wee bit awkward at chez Evans.

So what's a gal to do?


Why, throw on your PINK hoodie and throw yourself at the mercy of your landlord, natch! The Teen Mom reportedly used the no contact order she has out against Head to get out of the lease she had on her old house. According to Jenelle:

I'm looking to start out fresh and let my landlord know that and in the state of NC if domestic violence occurs in the home you can get out of your lease if a no-contact order is put in place. And that's exactly how I'm allowed to move out.

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You know what? You might want to get out your calendars, because I'm about to say something remarkable: good for Jenelle.

These sort of laws exist for a reason, and she's well within her bounds to take advantage of them. I happen to work at home -- as Jenelle has pointed out many times she does too -- so I can't say enough about the value of being comfortable in your own home. Whether it's the threat of a nasty ex-boyfriend coming by hanging over your head or just the memories of a physical altercation, not feeling safe in your own house can affect your entire life.

Now that she's got new digs, with a nice big yard for dog Brody, maybe Jenelle can start putting some other parts of her life in order ... maybe.

Do you feel safe in your home? Would you move just to get away from bad memories?


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