'Revenge' Recap: Who Is the Father of Amanda's Baby? (VIDEO)

emily revenge 2We find out if Jack is the father of Amanda's baby this week on Revenge! And it's totally who you think it is. Or maybe it's not. Mwahahah. But that's not even the most exciting part of this week's episode. The most exciting part came in the last two minutes. But more about that later.

Yes, this is the episode where we get the paternity test results back. It's also the episode where the Graysons get Victoria back. And Daniel finally becomes a man. Hot and spicy spoiler alert!


No really, I haven't thought much of Daniel until now. Before he was just a dim-witted man-child. And he's still kind of dim-witted. But he's finally starting to get a freakin' spine. All it took was a sneaky little phone call from Emily, plus a little due diligence looking into Grayson Global's finances (if the likes of Daniel Grayson can see through your profit claims, you know you're not fooling anyone). Daniel marches in, rescues his little sister from rehab and the evil rehab doctor, hands over his entire inheritance to a trust in her name (danger, danger Will Robinson!), and challenges his father at the big Grayson Global board meeting. Daniel, today you are a man.

Guess who else is a man? Jack. But what's going on with that paternity test? Amanda got that paternity test but Emily told her she fixed the results so Jack would get a letter saying he was the father. And she was sure to let Amanda know that the results were fake. But were they really? Information -- it's one of Emily's best weapons.

Did you catch the mysterious Australian-accented guy representing Mr. Takeda at the Grayson board meeting? Also, has anyone noticed that Takeda rhymes with al Qaeda? Never mind.

I don't even know what to make of Victoria -- making Charlotte think she'd only wanted her for her money, getting Conrad to beat her up and frame the White Haired Man for her "kidnapping." What is she cooking up? So now the whole family is back together for the most dysfunctional, unhappy family reunion the Hamptons has ever seen. And that's saying a lot for the Hamptons.

And then the last two minutes! White Haired Man, almost killing Emily -- but then Australian accent guy comes in and saves her at the last minute! Who is that guy? And was it me, or did it seem like they're hinting that Emily will finally get in touch with her mother next episode? 

What do you think Victoria is planning for her next move -- what's her game?


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