A Very 'Teen Mom' Halloween -- How to Dress Like Your Favorite Reality Star

Leah CalvertSo the march toward Halloween is picking up its pace, and you're still struggling for a costume? You want something hip, of the moment, and totally destined to leave people talking? You mean you want to dress like one of the Teen Mom stars?

It can be done! We have everything you need to pull off the Amber Portwood, the Jenelle Evans, the Leah Messer Calvert, even the Maci Bookout Halloween costume!


Amber Portwood: This might be the easiest of the bunch, so let's get started. A black wig is a good start, pulled back in a ponytail. If you're going for Amber in prison, the orange jumpsuit is a pretty easy tell, but might be harder to find. You can also opt for khaki pants and a red shirt a la her outfit from the "Amber Behind Bars" special. Just tape a sign to your back that says "Indiana Department of Corrections," and you'll be good to go. Oh, but don't forget a ginormous set of fake eyelashes to top off your stoned expression. 

Jenelle Evans: Head to Victoria's Secret for a new PINK hoodie. Print out a life-size height chart to tape to the back of your hood a la one of her mugshots. Whine about your mother to everyone who will listen while simultaneously sharing intimate details of your life on your Twitter account.

Leah Messer Calvert: Dye your hair blond (or just grab a wig) and put it in pigtails. Root around in the kids' stuff for two baby dolls of similar size (bonus if one has glasses!) and a basketball. Shove the latter up under your shirt, and carry one each of the dollies in your arms.

Maci Bookout: Get an oversized Young & Reckless or Waka Flocka t-shirt. Carry your cellphone around so you can take oodles of pictures with your tongue out. Adopt a Southern accent, and you got this!

Would you go as a Teen Mom for Halloween? What would you wear?


Image via MTV

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