'Glee' Recap: Getting Left Behind Hurts (VIDEO)

gleeWell, here is the painful transitional episode we knew was coming. You know that breakup we were warned about? It happens -- and it's not exactly what I expected!

We've got three couples living apart from each other: Brittany and Santana, Blaine and Kurt, Rachel and Finn. All three couples are reunited for this episode -- but whose relationships will survive? SPOILER ALERT: The answer is after the jump!


Getting left behind just sucks. Rachel and Kurt are living their dreams in New York City, and it's so exciting they don't even feel the absence of Blaine and Finn that much. Santana is starting a new life in college. But Brittany and Blaine aren't getting what they need from their relationships, and that hurts. Finn is feeling lost. Will he find his feet again with Rachel?

Naturally, Blaine and Finn show up in New York City at the same time! The two couples go out for what turns out to be the double date from hell. Finn just doesn't feel like he'd fit in at NYADA. And when he sees Rachel singing with Brody, he just knows something's going on. Meanwhile, Blaine breaks down into tears when he sings a love song to Kurt -- and later admits he's strayed.

And here's the hardest part: It's not just one couple who splits up. It's two. Santana ends things with Brittany in the New Directions' rehearsal room. Then Rachel breaks up with Finn on stage. And damnit, Glee, if these aren't two of the most beautiful and touching breakup scenes I've ever seen. Especially Rachel's breakup with Finn! Oh my heart.

Kurt and Blaine are still up in the air -- but things don't look hopeful. And is there another long-distance relationship on the horizon? Mr. Schue has been invited to serve on a blue ribbon panel for the arts in Washington, D.C. He just assumed Emma would want to go on sabbatical and leave with him, but nope -- Emma's not having it. If two other couples couldn't survive a long-distance relationship, will this more mature couple make it?

On a lighter note, what a hilarious trick to have mean girl Kitty start a Left Behind pre-Armageddon club! (Left Behind -- get it, the theme of the episode?) Glad that was short-lived. Maybe we'll start learning more about Kitty's newly-ex boyfriend Jake and the new Rachel, Marley.

Did you see these breakups coming? Do you think Kurt and Blaine will stay together?


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