'Real Housewives' Star Punches Homeless Man in Crotch & Videotapes It

Real Housewives of Miami Each week in every city, Real Housewives leave us aghast at their outrageous antics and bad behavior, but this recent development is more horrifying than anything we've seen on screen. According to TMZ, the son of The Real Housewives of Miami star Alexia Echevarria was involved in an ugly assault on a homeless man, and there's a shocking video that shows him doing it.

In it, Peter Rosello, who's the son of the woman known as the "Cuban Barbie," is shown saying, "Punching a hobo in the nuts." Then you see him approach what appears to be a sleeping homeless man and say, "I was gonna give you five dollars ..."  then he wails on him.


It's such a mean and senseless thing to do, and to videotape it on top of that is just unthinkable. There are reckless teenage pranks, and then there are just cruel, heartless actions, and this definitely seems like the latter.

He, however, doesn't seem to think it's a big deal. According to Starcasm, he posted this explanation on his Faceboook page:

its funnyyyyyyyy... im fu**ing around though. I feel bad for those people. didn’t mean to offend anyone. they got my love, i always give them like 5 bucks or weed.

There is nothing "funnyyyyyyy" about it, and I can't imagine what Alexia must feel seeing her child do something like that. You have to wonder how much she blames herself and/or the publicity of the show. She's already been through so much after her son Frankie was in a horrific, near-fatal car crash last year, and now to have to deal with this from her other son. She's certainly getting her share of stress from the teenage years.

Police are reportedly investigating and looking for the victim. I hope that Rosello faces some serious repercussions and that his family gets him the help that anyone who would do such a thing so obviously needs.

Are you shocked by this kid's actions?


Image via Bravo

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