'Jersey Shore' Season 6 Premiere Spoilers That Have Us Fist-Pumping With Anticipation (VIDEO)

Jersey Shore

Well, my friends. The end has finally arrived. Jersey Shore Season 6 premieres tonight on MTV, airing back-to-back episodes that will kick off the crew's final summer of insane and reckless behavior in Seaside Heights. And while we can't wait to savor every last fist-pumping moment, knowing we're watching the cast together for the last time will definitely be bittersweet.

I guess all good things must come to an end at one point or another, and if some of the spoilers out there about Jersey Shore Season 6 are accurate -- we're in for a real treat as we bid farewell to Snooki, Pauly D, JWoww, Vinny, The Situation, Ronnie, Sammi, and last but not least, Deena.


Based on the hottest buzz surrounding the final season, here are the top five things we have to look forward to.

  1. Snooki's pregnancy -- Well, duh. This one was a real shocker for fans and the cast alike. Even Pauly D. credits Snooki being knocked up as the most shocking part of the season -- and watching the roommates' reactions after she spills the beans is going to be nothing short of priceless. (Especially since Vinny initially worries he might be her baby daddy.) And on top of her big announcement, seeing how she deals with being pregnant while surrounded by a bunch of drunk guidos is bound to be nothing short of pure comedy.
  2. The Situation heading to rehab -- Not only will we get to see Mike come to terms with having an addiction problem, we'll also get to see him re-enter the Jersey Shore house stone-cold sober. And supposedly he'll even be heading out to the clubs and staying out all night -- without being absolutely plastered. Should be interesting.
  3. Vinny's vow of celibacy -- Yes, you heard me right. Supposedly Vinny makes a vow to be celibate for the entire summer. No smush room for him, I guess. (Maybe the news of Snooki's pregnancy is what scared him straight?)
  4. Deena is the new Snooki -- No season of Jersey Shore would be complete without a drunk meatball getting arrested -- and since Snooki is unfit for the challenge this time around, Deena will step up to the plate. And she also has a boyfriend now, so maybe we can witness another Snooki and Jionni-type love story.
  5. Peeing in public -- Need I say more? JWoww promises viewers will see someone do their business in public, and also added, "We legit go out with a bang."

For a preview of Jersey Shore Season 6, check out this video clip.


Are you counting down the hours until tonight's Jersey Shore premiere?


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