Liam Neeson Sports a Pink Banana Hammock on 'Ellen' & It's Fantastic (VIDEO)

Liam NeesonWhen I think of Liam Neeson, I think rugged, manly, strong, tough, commanding. I think of a guy with the ingenuity and badassery to strap a bunch of broken glass to his knuckles so he can fight a pack of ravenous wolves. I think of a strapping figure who can easily snap the neck of a Bosnian terrorist while staring with furious vulnerability into the camera as he searches for the bastards who kidnapped his daughter. However, I have NEVER thought of him nearly nude in a tiny pink banana hammock.

Which is why Neeson's appearance on Ellen DeGeneres’ show Monday was so incredibly awesome. The show involved a dunking tank and raising money for breast cancer research, but perhaps even more importantly, it involved Liam Neeson wearing an eensy pair of pink underwear. And NOTHING ELSE.

Believe me, this video will make your day.


The gimmick was for Neeson to get in a mock dunking booth while wearing a pink robe, and for an audience member to be the one to soak him. If the fan could hit the target, Neeson would get a bucket of water dumped on him and $10,000 would be donated to breast cancer research.

Neeson upped the ante by offering to remove the robe for an extra $10K, and that's when things got extremely watchable. Check it out:

Yeah, baby. Forget that pale meatless Pattinson kid, this is one of the sexiest men alive right there. Neeson is aging like a fine wine and I'd like someone to POUR ME A GLASS okay that metaphor got away from me.

$20,000 was donated through 'Ellen for the Cure', and I for one would like to see more stunts like this. It seems like pink fatigue could easily be trumped by a bevy of attractive action stars in mankinis, don't you think?

Just for fun, here's the Taken parody Ellen did for the same show. Sadly, Liam has his clothes on for this video, but it's still pretty great:

How hot is Liam Neeson in those tighty pinkies? Dude's still got it, am I right?

Image via YouTube

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