'DWTS' Results Recap: Bristol Palin Has Nothing to Lose (VIDEO)

Briston Palin & Mark Ballas

I know it's only been two weeks, but so far, the Dancing With the Stars All-Stars season is proving to be pretty unpredictable. Since all of the cast members have been part of the competition before, it's like there really aren't any true front runners, even though some are definitely more accomplished in the rhythm and groove department for sure.

And even though Bristol Palin has lost a ton of weight and looks better than ever and seems to be a bit less shy this season, it's pretty hard to ignore the obvious. She's a great gal -- but she isn't exactly Ginger Rogers. There's something about that girl's body that just won't move, and it definitely wouldn't have surprised anyone if tonight had been the end of the road for her.


But loyal fans must have figured Bristol deserved at least one more week in the ballroom, because she and Mark are safe and surprisingly made it through tonight's elimination round.

And even though I'm genuinely glad she's not leaving yet, it's pretty hard to ignore that Bristol is basically repeating her first season on DWTS. Even when she doesn't impress the judges (and winds up at the bottom of the leader board) she still wins with viewers. And at this point, she really has absolutely nothing to lose, so she might as well give it her all every week and try and perfect her technique -- for the sole purpose of proving to the world that she's way more than Sarah Palin's daughter. (Yes, it bugs the hell out of me that people hate her simply because of who her mother is.)

Ok, so Bristol is safe -- but how in the hell did Kelly Monaco wind up in jeopardy this week? Even though she wasn't number one after last night's performance, she is still a major contender, and it's just so surprising that fans didn't pick up the phone and give her their vote last night. (Maybe they assumed she'd definitely be safe?)

And honestly, Joey Fatone and Helio Castroneves really didn't belong in the bottom three either, but then again, I guess no one on this season truly stands out as being the obvious person to send home. (Besides Bristol. Sad, but true.)

And I guess that brings us to who wound up at the bottom of the pack tonight. Sadly, we've seen Joey Fatone's last dance, at least for the time being. (Maybe they'll do a second round of All-Stars?) He was a total class act about leaving, which probably won't come as a huge shock to those who know and love him.

In case you missed Bristol's peformance last night, here's the video clip. Do you think she deserved to stick around?

Were you shocked to see Joey Fatone go home tonight? Will Bristol Palin last another week?

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