'Teen Mom' Jenelle Evans' New Weight Loss Secret Is Shockingly Simple

jenelle evans photo skinnier Looks like Jenelle Evans' decision to get rid of on-again, off-again boyfriend Kieffer Delp has been good for quite a few reasons. She's moved on and seems super-happy with New Guy, Courtland Rogers, rocking some seriously wild new ink, and oh, hey, lookit! She also seems to have shed a few pounds.

Not that she needed to. She already had a really bangin' bikini bod this summer. But it sounds like in addition to getting off the Teen Mom "ex-boyfriend merry-go-round" (coming soon to a Six Flags near you!), she picked up some other tricks that lead to an even more svelte figure. Wanna know her weight loss "secrets"? Of course you do!


Jenelle explained to her Twitter followers, she's dropped the pounds with ...

Smaller portions of food, no soda, lots of juice and water, fruits.

Err, so, not exactly a major weight loss breakthrough, huh? All of these are simple no-brainers to living a healthy life. (Actually, not so sure about sugar-laden juice -- unless it's green juice -- but I guess any pure kind beats soda.) Still, I guess these are healthy nutrition tips teens, people in their early 20s like Jenelle, and sadly, a lot of Americans of all ages don't necessarily think about. Incessantly indulging in too-big portions and soda, and rarely touching water, fruits, or better yet, veggies is eerily the norm for lots of people. That is, until they realize it's not doing them any favors when it comes to weight, energy, and overall wellness.

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It would be refreshing to find out that Jenelle actually made these changes, because she realized that they're all-around healthier habits -- not because she wanted to be "skinnier." Because as a young mom, especially one looking to turn over a new leaf, focusing on her well-being should definitely be the priority. If that's the case, more power to her! And hopefully, her fans who aren't already following her lifestyle tips will be inspired to.   

Do you already do what Jenelle says she did to drop the pounds?


Image via Twitter

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