'Real Housewives of New York' Finale Recap: Ramona Singer Doesn't Owe Aviva Drescher an Apology

Mario and Ramona SingerIt's not an easy thing to do, but each week on this season of The Real Housewives of New York City, Aviva Drescher has somehow managed to make the rest of ladies look more sane and likable than they deserve. Each week, as Countess LuAnn de Lesseps seemingly cheated on Jacques, or Heather Thomson displayed her deeply irritating ways, or Ramona Singer and Sonja Morgan behaved like rude, drunken teenagers, we barely had time to recoil and react before Aviva came out and overshadowed them all with her narcissistic ramblings and inability to let go of anything.

Time and again, she came in to take the crazy cake, and tonight on the finale, it was no different.


Sonja and Ramona were a mess at Heather's fashion show charity event. They talked during the show, accosted the photographer who was helping with Sonja's toaster oven promotion, and didn't even say hello to Heather before berating her for not getting Sonja enough pictures. They were rude, plain and simple, and I didn't blame Heather for being pissed. But her wrath was the least of what anyone needed to worry about because Aviva the Diva was on a warpath to avenge her father's ejection from Ramona's fundraiser.

Aviva (who was also ridiculously rude at the fashion show when she defied Heather's request to wear the jacket) was ready to rumble from the get-go with Ramona. Heather told her to move on already, but, of course, Aviva wasn't going to do anything that big. She didn't get her damn sign in St. Bart's, and now her dad wasn't allowed to crash an all-women's event and harass Ramona, for goodness' sake.

It all went down at Carole's baby book shower. After a brief spat between Ramona and Heather in which Ramona started howling, "Let's make love not war," Aviva pounced when she heard her name and started screaming over and over about why Ramona owed her an apology. When Ramona tried to walk away, she bellowed, "Don't turn your back on me, wimp."


Then she turned to Mario with her high and mighty proclamation, "Shame on your wife." It was comical watching her get so worked up because she sounded so ridiculous.

She said her father shouldn't have been escorted out unless he "stole something from the party or raped someone." Carole, LuAnn, and Heather all said they thought Ramona owed Aviva an apology, but I don't think they meant it. I think, as Ramona suggested, they were just afraid of Aviva going even crazier.

Ramona may have owed Heather an apology, but she did not owe one to Aviva. Her dad shouldn't have been there, plain and simple, and he shouldn't have acted like a jerk while he was there. Ramona may, however, want to offer Aviva a heartfelt thank-you though for making her look much better this season than she otherwise would have.

And that's about where things left off, with nothing resolved. "The group is definitely fractured," Carole said. Whether they can mend things remains to be seen, but I'm not counting on it. As Queen Aviva said herself, some people just aren't meant to be friends.

Do you think Ramona owes Aviva an apology?


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