'Teen Mom' Jenelle Evans Should Watch Out for Her New Man

Jenelle EvansIt's Monday, so there MUST be another drama with Teen Mom Jenelle Evans, right? This time, the word on the street is that she is moving in with her rumored new man Courtland. Sounds promising, no?

Let's recall this is the girl who had a baby with a man in jail, dumped her baby for a pot head, and has had more drama in five months than any Broadway actress has in her career on stage. If I were a betting man (and I am neither a gambler nor a man), I would say this relationship won't last five weeks. Before long she and Courtland, someone she has known for four years, will be having Twitter fights and releasing nude photos of one another.

And like Kieffer Delp before him, my guess is Courtland wants two things from Jenelle: Fame and drama.


If there is anything Jenelle can be counted on to do, it's stir up the drama. If she's not cursing someone out, she's getting arrested or getting plastic surgery or fighting with her mom or breaking up with one guy to marry another.

It's exhausting.

If Courtland knows anything about the show, he must know these things, right? Knowing all that, would any sane, good man really want to date Jenelle? My guess is no.

The fact that there is a man willing to date/move in with her so quickly says to me that Jenelle better watch her back around this guy. He could be using her for more than sex. He could be using her for her fame. Seriously, why else would a man choose to be around a hot mess like Jenelle?

She has so much baggage and so many things that are left to be done in her life. Moving in with another man should be the least of her plans.

Look, apparently the two have known each other for four years. Maybe I am all wrong (I hope so). But her track record is that she moves fast and fizzles out hard. I would say the only man she really needs in her life right now is her little boy.

Do you think her new man is in it for the right reasons?


Image via MTV

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