'Bachelor' Sean Lowe May Wind Up Picking a Favorite Former Bachelorette

Kacie Boguskie

OMG. Sean Lowe has only been filming his season of The Bachelor for a matter of days, and already it sounds like he may have met his ideal match. Or at least we can hope he's paying extra special attention to one woman in particular out of the 25 who are trying to win his heart.

Remember Kacie Boguskie from Ben Flajnik's season? You know, Kacie B? As in the baton-twirling Daddy's girl from Tennessee with a heart of gold and a southern drawl that most dudes simply can't resist? Well, Ben may have been stupid enough to dump her, but now that it's been revealed that Kacie B. is a contestant on Sean Lowe's season -- let's hope he has way more common sense. (He already has a better haircut, so he's got that going for him if nothing else.)


Ahhhhh!!! "Kacie and Sean sittin' in a tree" -- is anyone else hearing wedding bells? Seriously. Is this a match made in reality TV heaven or what? I'm not sure that any two cast members of any of the seasons have ever been more well suited for each other, and it will be one HUGE letdown if these two don't get together, fall head-over-heels in love, and have babies (after their wedding, of course).

And finding a love connection with Sean is the perfect way to make up for the heartbreaking end Kacie got when Ben sent her packing. Remember how she kept saying, "What the fu*% happened?" over and over again after he let her go? (As they say in Tennessee, "blessssss her hearrrrt.")

She may not have realized it at the time, but it was pretty obvious to anyone watching that she and Ben just weren't from the same mold. (Translation -- her Daddy's a tea-totaler and Ben owns a winery -- not exactly a winning combination.)

And then there's Sean, who is pretty much the definition of who every southern Daddy dreams his little girl will fall for. (Holy tears of joy -- can you even imagine just how sweet and perfect her hometown date will be if she shows up with Sean in tow?)

Ok, let me shut up about Kacie for five seconds and talk about Sean. He's such a gentleman, and he's a really old-fashioned guy who wants to get married and settle down with someone who is sweet, warm, and doesn't mind being married to a dude who has a strong Christian faith and wants to be her "leader" (I mean that in a totally non-brainwashing kind of way).

Annndddd that brings me back to Kacie. Does she fit that description perfectly or what?!? Bottom line -- Sean's going to have a pretty tough time finding anyone who is much more compatible with him than Kacie will likely be.

And now that we know she's on the show, how bad does it suck that we'll have to wait 'til January to see if she and Sean wind up together?

Do you think Kacie B. and Sean Lowe are a good fit?


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