5 Reasons 'Walking Dead' Season 3 Will Be the Most Exciting Yet (VIDEO)

The Walking DeadHoly shambling half-rotted flesh-devouring walkers, you guys, can you believe the season premiere of The Walking Dead is coming up in just two weeks? Now, far be it from me to criticize AMC's choice of showing it a bit early in the season, but I personally enjoyed the Halloween launch they did in 2010. On the other hand, so inconvenient to have to keep hitting pause, then opening the door to innocent trick-or-treaters with the TV frozen in some horrifically gory childhood-scarring scene, am I right?

Anyway, I can't wait for October 14 to see what's in store for Rick and the gang of intrepid survivors -- and from the way things are sounding, the third season is going to be darker and more twisted than ever. (Yay! Look, I'm sorry, Walking Dead characters, it's just that I'm not satisfied unless unspeakably awful things are happening to you. You understand.)

Check out what we've got to look forward to:


Living humans will be as scary as the walkers. If you've read the comics, you know all about The Governor. This super bad guy (played by British actor David Morrisey) is going to be a major threat in season 3, adding to the increasingly desperate (and bleak) situation the survivors are in. According to show runner Glen Mazzara:

What we’ve done is open up the world so it’s less about our characters trying to find a safe corner in which to hide. I do think this year, the show feels more immediate and less theoretical. We’re not really dealing with questions of hope, what it takes to survive in this world. We’re doubling the threat, we have the zombies, we have the Governor.

The Governor might stick around for a while. If you're expecting the story of The Governor to be the same as the comic, it won't be. As the executive producer reminds us, "Sometimes we follow what’s in the comic book, probably more often we don’t." For one thing, Morrisey intends to play the character with more nuance than the mega-sadistic comic version:

He does need to have a complexity. If he was just an out and out baddie, I think you would hit a ceiling creatively very quickly. I think giving him these levels and colors and fears, hopefully that will give him more longevity.

We'll have a new female protagonist. Oh hell yes, MICHONNE. Our katana-wielding, zombie-chaining badass, who we got a glimpse of at the end of season 2. Michonne joins the survivors and becomes a critical part of season 3, and I'm sure we'll get to enjoy lots of sword-related walker-dispatching as a result. The actress (Danai Gurira) who plays her explained what motivation she used for the role:

I was so attracted to that experience of women who had gone through certain things. Who do they become and how do they empower themselves in a world that is actually working toward their destruction? What do they pull out of themselves, how far will they go, what are they capable of, how do they re-create themselves to become empowered in a highly disempowered environment?

Rick won't be such a wuss. After two seasons of looking agonized about various things, it sounds like Rick will finally stop being tortured by doubts and turn into a grimly fierce, no-bullshit leader. Will his newfound, hard-boiled confidence make him a hero -- or another Shane? Dun dun DUNNNNNN.

Seriously, just check out this awesome promo for season 3:

What do you say, zombie fans? Are you super excited about the new season of The Walking Dead?

Image via AMC

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