Britney Spears' Former Manager Claims He Found Crystal Meth in Her Home

britney spearsBritney Spears' former friend and alleged Svengali Sam Lufti must be smoking something: He claims that back when he used to "manage" Britney, drug-sniffing dogs found traces of crystal meth in her carpet -- the same carpet her then-toddler sons used to play on. He says he pulled out the carpet and replaced it, natch, so now there's no evidence. Just his word.

Britney Spears a meth head? Okay, I kind of buy it. I mean, it wouldn't surprise me if she'd at least tried the stuff during her self-destructive Lufti phase. But Lufti is high if he thinks he can spin this tale of himself as the hero who was trying to save Britney from meth addiction


Lufti is suing Britney and her parents for defamation and is trying to prove he was Britney's manager. They say he was just a jerk who got into Britney's head, took over her life, and drove her to a nervous breakdown. You're not really "managing" if your client ends of getting wheeled off to a mental hospital in a gurney on your watch. I'd say what Lufton was up to was likely less managing and more gaslighting. 

But what's really scary is that Lufti thinks if he can get Britney to testify she'll defend him -- or at least admit that he was her manager. Does he really think he can still manipulate her? 

It must just drive him crazy to see Britney making her comeback and looking so healthy, sane, and successful. But this lawsuit is making him look like the unstable nutcase. Meth in the carpet? How does that even happen? Did she mistake it for carpet cleaner? Was she so looped she started flinging the stuff around the room like the crystal fairy? This isn't even a convincing story.

And it's not going to work. Britney is permanently out of Lufti's reach. He can sue, but I doubt he'll win his case. Britney's on another path now, and it can only lead farther away from her sad history with Lufti and into a stronger, happier future.

Do you believe Lufti's claim of finding crystal meth in Britney's carpet?


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