'Teen Mom' Jenelle Evans' Halloween Plans Show Where Her Priorities Lie

Jenelle EvansOh boy, Jenelle Evans is up to her old tricks again. The Teen Mom has big plans to hit a ginormous rave in South Carolina on Halloween night. Only, wait, doesn't she have a toddler who lives in North Carolina who might be doing something rather big on Halloween night? You know, like trick or treating?

Sigh. This is precisely why Jenelle is in the situation she is in. Her priorities are all over the place.


It isn't that moms can't have fun. Yes, we can go spend time away from our kids and still be good moms!

But Jenelle spends quite a bit of her time kvetching about how she doesn't get any respect both as mom to little Jace and as an "adult" ... and yet she refuses to put an end to all the fun. Her life is a non-stop party, and it just doesn't sound very adult.

So she had to decide what she wants. Does she want to have fun? Or does she want us to stop hating on her for refusing to grow up? It really comes down to her priorities ... which I've already pointed out are skewed.

If Jenelle wants to prove to the world she's a stable, responsible adult instead of the immature teenager we see on Teen Mom, it's pretty easy. She just has to keep her nose clean!

Jenelle, don't declare yourself "done" with loser guys who have leaked nude photos of you to the internet one day and pick up where you left off with them just a few days later. Don't start Twitter wars just for the heck of it. Don't announce you're moving to a brand new state, then change your mind just as suddenly.

And don't party! Especially on a night when you could be home showing your mom you're committed to being there for your son's big moments!

The problem isn't that Jenelle is a bad person for going out to some rave. It's just that she's not a particularly good one for doing it, but she wants us to treat her like one.

Do you think it's fair to say that Jenelle should give up on partying?


Image via MTV

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