'Teen Mom' Jenelle Evans' $600 Shoes Start a War That She Can't Win

jenelle evans shoesTeen Mom Jenelle Evans got a new pair of $600 Ugg boots and tweeted a picture of her new prized possession. Then came the backlash. People were outraged that the young mom would spend so much on new shoes. Jenelle was able to clear that up, though, saying she didn't drop that kind of dough, the boots were a gift from a man who's trademarked his own name, Leo Daniels™, a casting agent and video casino owner based near Jenelle in Wilmington, North Carolina. Not satisfied with the explanation, people began to wonder if the shoes were fake. Then they were pissed because the style is from 2010. Then they didn't like the color of Jenelle's boots. Then Leo entered the comments section fray and gave everyone a lesson in what "special order" means, because you guys, he's important and just doesn't "buy things off of store shelves."

But everyone's missing the point.


I don't care who gave them to Jenelle, how much they cost, what color they are, whether a sequin is missing, if they're from 2010, or Christmas 2011, or whether or not there are diamonds on the soles of her shoes, the fact that everyone seems to willfully glaze over is that these are Uggs we are talking about. Uggs.

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If they're $4,000 Uggs, $600 Uggs, or free Uggs, they're still Uggs, which means that they are categorically hideous.

Yup, I said it. I'm not the first and I won't be last to declare my hatred for the surfer slash shepherd's footwear, but what I am saying is that if we're going to have an argument about a Teen Mom's shoes, lets make sure the shoe is worthy of such heated debate.

For where there is Ugg, there should be silence.



Photo via PBandJenelley 1/Twitter

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