'Teen Mom' Farrah Abraham Has a Lot More Than a Spinoff Coming Up (VIDEO)

Farrah AbrahamSometimes watching Teen Mom is like having a ringside seat at the circus, but I have to give props where they are due. It seems like everything Farrah Abraham touches these days turns to gold. She writes a book and it shoots up The New York Times bestseller list. She bottles a sauce, and wham, it's on grocery store shelves. She decides to write another book, and blam, she's got three coming at us. Three!


Maybe you heard about the first book in the trio? Farrah has been asking fans for their input on a book that will be similar to her bestseller, My Teenage Dream Ended, in that it's all about herself. But since she's writing it for the fans, Farrah says she wants to know what they want to know about her. She says she'll take their questions and the "winners" will be published, along with her answers, natch.

It's a fairly smart move. She gets herself some adulation from adoring fans who send in their queries about her life (we'd like to know: Why does your Mom always baby talk to Sophia? Do you ever ask her to stop?). During the writing process, she gets ideas so she doesn't have to think up WHAT to write, and she gets some built-in buyers by publishing their names.

That would be plenty for a single mom to have on her plate. But there's more! Farrah says she has both a cookbook and a children's book coming out.

And I have how many? Oh, that's right ... none (and I shouldn't have to mention I actually write for a living, right?!). Girl is putting me to shame!

Anyhoo! Farrah certainly knows how to spin sugar out of you-know-what. I think it's fair to say she's defied the "trashy reality star" reputation already, but between three books and her impending spin-off (which she has confirmed is happening ... while Maci Bookout's is still in tumor stage), we have to go even further.

Farrah Abraham is a success. Period. Check out her announcement:

Are you a Farrah fan? What do you think of what she's accomplished?


Image via PaFarrahAbraham/YouTube

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