'Teen Mom' Maci Bookout Can Drink on a Tuesday if She Wants

Maci BookoutThat Maci Bookout really knows how to have a rousing Tuesday night. While most of us were sitting on our couches watching the primetime dramedy de jour, the Teen Mom star was out stirring up trouble with a few of her ladyfriends. OK, so her approach to telling the entire world about her drinking habits may not have been the most eloquent (and I quote: "#beer and my #treehousebeetches. we are causing trouble, this is fun."); however, I don't think she deserves a bunch of criticism for going out and having a good time.

The girl's 21 years old. As long as someone is home with her too-adorable-for-words son Bentley, she's not coming back sloshed, and staying away from driving -- she deserves to enjoy herself every once in a while. Especially after the recent turn of events.


Being a mom is a tough job as it is, but being a mom who is in the limelight with her every move followed by hundreds of thousands of fans can't be exactly easy. After her recent breakup with Kyle King, I can imagine the girl needs to blow off a little bit of steam.

I'll be the first to say that yes, post breakup some sort of grieving period is necessary. You know, allowing yourself to cry, be by yourself, the whole nine yards. However, weighing the options -- I firmly believe it's better for Maci to get out, enjoy herself, and try to move on with her life sans Kyle. The girl needs to exhale. If that exhale happens over a few beers with the girls on a Tuesday night? I say go for it. What's that phrase? YOLO, right? Yeah, let's stick with that.

Do you think Maci should be out drinking during the week?


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