‘Teen Mom’ Kailyn Lowry Knows How to Show the Haters Who’s Boss

kailyn lowryThe first rule of social media is don't threaten to sign off for good unless you're really, really, never coming back. Teen Mom Kailyn Lowry learned this lesson the hard way when she tweeted a farewell to Twitter, only to return 18 hours later. We didn't even have time to roll out the goodbye banner and wish Kailyn well in her Twitter-free life before we had to roll out the welcome back banner and tell her how much we (didn't really) miss her.

So why did Kailyn leave, and more importantly, why did she come back?


Kailyn quit the social media platform because of all them haters out there. She was apparently getting so inundated with criticism after she tweeted a photo of her son in a dog cage that she decided to walk away altogether and said, "Peace, Twitter."

Then she decided to return. Almost a full day without Twitter and it seems that Kailyn simply decided she couldn't live without it.

Her first comeback tweet? She captioned a photo about dog abuse with the word "#TRUTH."

Dog abuse, child abuse, children in dog cages ... I'm not sure why Kailyn would decide to welcome herself back to the Twittisvere with a topic that just hours prior had motivated her to quit Twitter, but understanding Teen Moms is not something I pretend to do.

Then again, maybe Ms. Lowry didn't intend to leave Twitter forever and ever over those mean comments. Maybe she just wanted to leave for a few hours. Nothing wrong with a little break, I guess. Any pause from technology is probably a good thing.

Plus, had she quit Twitter entirely, her haters would have won.

Do you find it annoying when people threaten quit Facebook or Twitter then keep coming back?


Photo via mtv.com

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