Hallelujah! Maci Bookout May Be Getting the MTV Spinoff That Farrah Abraham Isn’t

maci bookoutRemember when we all believed Teen Mom Farrah Abraham was getting a spin-off? Yeah, about that. Turns out Farrah may have led us on about her series, as her spin-off is happening "in the future" on what she hopes will be a "great channel." AKA, MTV doesn't want her back and she's shopping a show around that may or may not get picked up by any network.

So! That leaves us with an open spot on the MTV lineup we pretend to know so much about. We've got Catelynn and Tyler's spin-off all set to go, but now, without Farrah, who will fill the open slot?

Maci Bookout, that's who.


Fellow students at Maci's college say a camera crew has been following her around and that it's not for some Teen Mom special, because those have already been filmed, and they're airing next month.

Sounds like Maci's scored herself her own TV show, now doesn't it?

And thank god, too. Not that I'm so excited about seeing what's up with Maci, but because it made no sense to me whatsoever that MTV would give Farrah a spin-off over Maci.

Nothing's been confirmed regarding Maci's new show, but I wanna believe it's true, because Farrah's kind of insufferable. Maci, on the other hand, is bright, bubbly, and fun to watch. You find yourself sympathizing with her rather than criticising her (something we do often with Farrah), and it just feels better to watch someone make, generally speaking, good decisions rather than poor ones.

I hope these spin-off rumors are true -- Maci and Bentley are welcome in my living room any day of the week. And as for Farrah, well, if no networks pick up her show, I guess she has her cooking/singing/writing career to fall back on.

Would you prefer a Maci spin-off to a Farrah one?


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