'Teen Mom' Maci Bookout Is in Love With Herself but in a Good Way

There is really nothing like doing a little something for yourself to boost your mood. Take a bath. Indulge in a massage. Get your nails done. Dedicate a tweet to yourself. Hey, don't knock that last one. That's the modern day equivalent of getting a massage. Or sending flowers to yourself. Or masturbating. It's called tweetsturbating. It's tweeting someone you love. Ask Teen Mom's Maci Bookout, who dedicated her 8,000th tweet to none other than ... herself! She tweeted:

Isn't that sweet? I seriously LOVE the idea of dedicating a tweet to yourself. Hell, I want to tweet TO myself!


Macy's followers seemed to enjoy her shout-out to herself. A sampling of her replies:

@strongwhit: You go, girlfriend!

@xoxo_zayn93: awwww!

@jen_stanley: so true!! And you have done a great job!!

I know, right? After everything Macy has been through, she definitely deserved that tweet to herself. It was almost like a mini-vacation. A twee-cation.

But this is just being honest, isn't it? At the end of the day, it's YOU who gets you through life. It's great to have friends, lovers, and family members ... but they can all "walk away" as Maci says. What's truly important is that you don't walk away from yourself.

Wouldn't it be great if Oscar winners, instead of thanking God and their agents, actually spoke the truth and said, "I dedicate this Oscar to myself because, although I had some help along the way, the truth is I owe everything to ME!" I would love that.

We should all take a tip from Maci and dedicate something to ourselves today. If you've got Twitter, make it a tweet, why not? But I'm sure you can find other things too. I'm totally dedicating this post to myself. You rock, Kiri!!!!

What will you dedicate to yourself today?


Image via MTV

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