The Next 'Bachelor' Is Sean Lowe -- Does This Mean No Fantasy Suite Again?

sean loweLadies, the next Bachelor has been announced! Guess who it is? I'll give you a few hints: He's male. He's not Jef Holm (taken). He's not Arie Luyendyk. And he's not Roberto Martinez. He's tall, blonde, and handsome, and he loves him some football and some Jesus talk. Tim Tebow? Nope!

Mary called it, y'all. The next Bachelor is Bachelorette finalist number three, Sean Lowe!

So all you bachelorettes hoping to win Sean's heart, what's going to give you an edge? Sean has said he's looking for someone "intelligent, funny, witty ... I like sweet girls." But if you really want to nab that bachelor, you'd better get someone pretty high up on your side.


And that would be: The Lord. Get our your Bibles, ladies. We already knew Sean is a devout Christian from Bachelorette. That's one of the reasons why we thought he'd make a great match with Emily Maynard. Sean even led regular Bible devotionals with the other contestants. But check out what Sean Lowe told The Christian Post about what he's looking for in a wife.

Instead of dating a woman for a long period of time and trying to get to know everything about her before marrying her, Lowe said his only requirements in a woman are that he loves her, she "loves the Lord," and he has a chance to pray about their relationship before making a life-long commitment.

Not that, you know, being extremely attractive and fun won't also help. Chemistry matters to Sean, too! But it sounds like this season of The Bachelor is going to be squeaky clean. Not only do you have to impress Sean, you also have to get God on your side. Think less hot-tubbing, more sweet service projects. And I'm guessing we won't be seeing much action in the Fantasy Suite again. Bridle those passions, women! The way to Sean's heart is through the hymnal.

I'm of two minds over this. I think Sean should absolutely be true to himself and his beliefs this season. I would be terribly disappointed if he went bad boy just for entertainment's sake. But at the same time ... I don't know, will this mean fewer shenanigans? This could be the tamest season yet! Or the funniest. Now that I think of it, this season could feature the hilarious antics of not-terribly-religious women trying to out-Christian each other. Oh the hypocrisy will fly! Jesus Jugs II anybody?

How do you feel about Sean Lowe as the next Bachelor?


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