Jenelle Evans’ New Hair Could Be a Sign She’ll Stop Acting Like a Child

jenelle evansUm, so, Teen Mom Jenelle Evans got highlights. I know what you're thinking -- DEAR GOD THE HUMANITY -- but climb on down off that ledge long enough so I can tell you more about Jenelle's new 'do. OK. So she went to New Jersey to break up with that real winner, Kieffer, her boyfriend of two years, and when she got back home, she needed a change, so she headed to the salon. Jenelle then Instagrammed some pics of her hair transformation in progress, and as we all sat on our hands at home, waiting breathlessly for the final product to be revealed, we hoped against all hope that she wouldn't disappoint. AND SHE DIDN'T.


She's gone from brown to blonde to black and then back, but this time, Jenelle went with a dark brown base color with honey blonde highlights. Looks great, doesn't it?jenelle evans

It's an improvement from her greenish-blonde look, it's better than her Barbie yellow locks, preferable to her country-star highlights, and way better than that ombre style she had for a while. 

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Seems like Jenelle has matured recently, and her hairstyles have certainly gotten more adult as she does. She's starting to make good decisions (dumping Kieffer chief among them) and her choices in hairstyles reflect a calmer, wiser, and gentler Jenelle. This latest 'do could even land her a, gasp, job. She looks responsible, kempt, and pretty -- a perfect combo for a 20-year-old woman like Jenelle.

Love her new look -- but if she gets tired of the highlights, I will say I liked her with the really, really dark brown hair. Tres chic, and tres Teen Mom.

What do you think of Jenelle's new look?

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Photos via PBandJenelley_1/Twitter; j_evans8209/Instagram

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