‘Teen Mom’ Maci Bookout Should Try These Tricks for Instant Curves (PHOTOS)

Kylie McConville | Sep 25, 2012 TV

maci bookoutHer reality TV party may have come and gone, but Teen Mom star Maci Bookout is back at it, this time on her gym grind. Seems that the petite Southern belle wants to pack on some healthy pounds since splitting from her beau Kyle King. Maybe Mace wants to step away from the shape she's had since we first met her. Maybe she's trying to gain weight 'cause she wants a whole new body shape.

Welcome to the club, Maci. You're not the only woman who's ever wanted to take on a new figure. I wish I was long and lean, and some days, I just want peeps to hem and haw at the glory of my badonkadonk. Sadly, you can't grow curves overnight. What you can have, though, is a closet full o' tricks that help create the illusion of shape.

So Maci, I give you and the other super skinny women of the world six surefire tricks that will give your body the bootylicious figure you've only dreamed of ...

What do you think of Maci's desire to gain weight? Do you ever want to dress differently than your body type?

Image via @MaciBookoutMTV/Twitter

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