'Teen Mom' Maci Bookout's Weight Problem Is a Serious Concern

maci bookout weight You gotta hand it to Maci Bookout. The Teen Mom star rarely seems to let the roughest moments in her life get to her. Or at least she doesn't let on that she's down in the dumps. After breaking up (again -- and likely, for good) with her on-and-off again love, Kyle King, she's been sounding pretty darn chipper on Twitter. Apparently, whilst taking questions from fans, she revealed that she has a weight problem ...

As in, she's trying to gain weight. She tweeted, "I'm on a gain weight workout and diet! I'm always doin stuff backwards lol." Oh man. Of course the typical response to a woman -- especially a mom! -- admitting that is, "OMG, cry me a river." Because, yeah, that is pretty much the opposite problem most of us have. 


With women's magazines, ads, and all other forms of media perpetually sending the screwed-up message that "there's no such thing as too thin," the idea of having to gain weight is practically unfathomable! But that doesn't mean it's not a legit issue.

It would be interesting to hear why Maci has trouble gaining weight? Is she coping with something like hyperthyroidism? Could it be her doc really has raised concern about her being underweight and says she needs to put on a few, or is she just feeling like she'd like to gain some muscle and be more ripped than waif? Either way, it's a valid concern -- one that we shouldn't so easily brush aside, laugh off, or roll our eyes at, just because it's 180 degrees from the challenge a major percent of America are currently facing. There's no shame in wanting to be fit and at a "happy weight," whether you're coming at it from above or below.

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And no matter what her reasons are, there's no better way than going about it in a healthy, grounded, lifestyle-changing way. Hopefully that's the precisely the approach Maci's taking.

What do you think about Maci's weight concern?

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