'Teen Mom' Maci Bookout's Message to Future Boyfriends Is Clear

Teen Mom MaciTeen Mom Maci Bookout hasn't been single in about 100 years, which is weird for a girl who is only in her 20s. In all seriousness, the MTV star has gone from one serious relationship into the next, despite having a child, being on a reality show, and trying to go to school. It's a lot. Maybe she needs to chillax on the relationship front? Just a thought. 

The fact is, Maci has been cheated on by Kyle, treated terribly by Ryan, and generally needs some time to herself to regroup. When asked on Twitter if she had a boyfriend, the single mom said: "No way no how."

Good for her! She needs to keep it that way.


Sometimes it's great to boyfriend hop. You learn what you want from a relationship and how you want to be. But sometimes a girl just needs a break. She needs some time to regroup and really get to know herself.

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Love is great, but if you keep making the same mistakes in love again and again, you kind of need to ask yourself why that is and make some changes. Maci will have to be single to accomplish that.

Being single isn't so bad, either. She will have time to finish school and really dig in on it. She will have time to be alone with Bentley and focus solely on him. And she will have time to repair her relationship with Ryan, independent of whatever the relationships the two of them are in separately.

It's all good. Plus, Maci won't be single forever. She is far too gorgeous and sweet and driven for that. Boyfriends will come. But for now, she should enjoy the single life.

Do you think Maci should stop dating for a while?


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