Julianne Moore's Emmy Speech Slams Sarah Palin With a 'Right Back Atcha' (VIDEO)

julianne mooreJulianne Moore's portrayal of former Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin in the HBO docudrama Game Change was devastating enough. But then she was handed an Emmy for it! And she delivered an unflinching blow to the grizzly mama in her acceptance speech: "I feel so validated since Sarah Palin gave me a big thumbs down."

Harsh? You betcha! (WINK) But if Sarah Palin can dish it out, she can take it. We're not exactly talking about a shy, meek, tactful woman here. Sarah Palin pretty much makes her living on delivering punches to the left.


Julianne wasn't joking about Sarah giving Game Change a thumbs-down, either. That's literally what Sarah Palin did when she was asked about the movie. And then she added, "I didn't see Game Change because I don't waste my time on lies." Noooo, you never waste your time on lies, Sarah! At least, not on lies that don't serve your purposes.

Oh calm down, people! If Sarah is the bad-ass she wants us all to believe she is, she can take it. She puts herself out there time and again with her aggressive attacks, so she shouldn't be surprised when people hit back.

I only wish Julianne's comment had been a little wittier. The woman had time to prepare and dozens of writers at her disposal. But that's all right. If nothing else, the Emmy win shows that whether we agree with Palin or not, we just can't get enough of her as a character: The ultimate Mean Girl who gets her comeuppance!

What did you think of Julianne Moore's dig at Sarah Palin?


Image via ABC/CBS News

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