'Real Housewives of New Jersey' Finale Recap: Teresa Giudice May Not Be Guilty This Time

Teresa Giudice and Melissa GorgaSure the Emmys were interesting, but the finale of The Real Housewives of New Jersey was where the real drama was to be had tonight ... as forced, scripted, and edited as it was. The big question of the night, of course, was who set up whom, but the answer wasn't so clear.

Sure everyone laid out their arguments as to why they believe Teresa Giudice set up Melissa Gorga, but none of them were all that convincing frankly. I wanted to be convinced, and I can't say I would put it past Teresa to try and take Melissa down as she has previously, but I'm just not feeling so quick to jump on the bandwagon proclaiming her guilt in this instance.

And none of this would even matter if Melissa just blew off the accusation that she was a stripper.


If she wasn't a stripper, then why give so much attention to this creepy guy's accusations? I had a hard time understanding why Teresa simply asking her about it was enough to enrage her. And why was Melissa so quick to call Joe Gorga after Teresa told her what the guy had said? Some of it reeked of a setup by Bravo to set up the setup.

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I don't think anyone would be that surprised if she worked as a stripper in the past, nor would anyone really care. If what Teresa said is true, she'd be in the good company of Jacqueline Laurita, who was supposedly also a stripper. If Teresa was going to make something up about her, there are plenty of other things that would seem more potentially damaging, so it doesn't even seem like that major of an accusation. Also, if she and Teresa were in such a good place, why didn't Melissa give her even the benefit of the doubt at least for awhile? Instead she was just so quick to believe Teresa was at fault, based on no concrete proof.

If anyone was obviously part of the setup, it was Kim D. She likes to cause drama, and I'm sure it's good publicity for her fashion show. She's also about as shady as they get, so I could see her doing it. The question is if Teresa helped her. Overhearing Angelo telling someone that Kim and Teresa wanted to take Melissa down was perhaps the most convincing piece of evidence, but I'm still not sure it was enough to warrant the extreme reaction of everyone cutting Teresa out of their lives forever. Their other "proof" -- the fact that Pete Giudice (scary!) was there and that Teresa got her hair done at a salon she'd never been at before -- was flimsy at best.

Like I said, I'm torn, but I do feel like people were really just ready to pounce on Teresa. She may deserve to be pounced upon, but I didn't see that there was enough convincing evidence to completely crucify her. Maybe more will come out at the reunion next week that will convince me otherwise, but for now, I'm still undecided in this drama.

Do you think Teresa Giudice set up Melissa Gorga?


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