'Teen Mom' Couple Catelynn & Tyler Do Something 'Beautiful' for Adopted Babies

teen momCatelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra kind of know, technically speaking, what's up. The couple have repeatedly blown us away with their maturity and wisdom (except for the time Catelynn was photographed with a bong, oof, bad move), and now they've done it again. The dynamic duo has teamed up with Tasc clothing line to bring awareness to their favorite charity, Bethany Christian Services, the adoption agency that helped them place their daughter, Carly.

Not only do some of the proceeds go to the charity, but Catelynn and Tyler picked a clothing line that's pretty damn cool. The clothes are made of a rather interesting material.


Not cotton, not synthetics, but bamboo.

Bamboo, huh, who knew?

Tasc makes sportswear for people who like to get their workout on while getting their eco-friendliness on, as well. Stuff looks pretty rad, and coming from someone who refuses to pay for workout clothes, that's really saying something.

Here's what I like most about this, though. Catelynn and Tyler teamed up with a reputable and established brand and are able to bring awareness to healthy living, green living, and their charity. These two, I tell ya, they're pretty smart.

They're also generous -- anyone who buys Tasc and enters the discount code "Bethany" at checkout will receive 10 percent off, as well as a special gift from Cate and Ty. Anyone else hoping that little gift is a DVD of Teen Mom bloopers?

We all know Catelynn's been trying to lose weight for her wedding day, so it makes sense that she and Ty and Tasc partnered up. New workout clothes might help her stay motivated.

Hey, think Cate will walk down the aisle in a bamboo dress? Now wouldn't that be something.

What do you think of Catelynn and Tyler's new business partnership with Tasc?


Photo via mtv.com

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