'RHOBH' Season 3 Trailer Delivers the Paul & Adrienne Fights We've Been Dying to See (VIDEO)

paul and adrienne maloofGood news Housewives fans. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: When Cougars Attack Season 3 will premiere on November 5. The trailer for the new season was just released, and holy aging women in tight dresses, Batman, the ladies are bringing the drama this season. Between the girl on girl kisses, the confrontation of a mistress, the nose job, the rope swing, the vowel renewal, the Paul Nassif blow-up, the house fire, and the death scare, well, move over Ramona and Sonja -- these crazy bitches in Beverly Hills certainly know how to cause a goddamn scene.


Lisa, Kyle, Kim, Brandi, Taylor, and Adrienne are all back, Camille's going to make some cameos, and new girl Yolanda Foster is now a full-time cast member. The former model and former wife of Mohamed Hadid (that super rich man that Lisa hangs out with who threw her daughter's bachelorette party) is now married to Grammy award winner David Foster and seems to have no problem getting in people's faces.

There's no mention of that insufferable Dana Wilkey coming back, thank god, but there is a very "sexual" Suzanne Somers on the show, so there's that.

Looks like Kim and Kyle still have some major beef, but Kim seems a little more coherent, even if she is smoking a fake cigarette while all bandaged up after her nose job.

And I like how it looks like this season the husbands are getting more into the fray. Love to see Mauricio get involved and put lil Ken in his place, and of course, the Paul and Adrienne split is going to be painfully awesome to watch.

We don't see Taylor say or do much in this trailer except for pout her lips and stare at people, but I'm OK with that. Her drunken meltdowns were too much last season; it was clear she needed real help and she wasn't getting it. It felt exploitative to watch her.

That said, take a peek at season 3 and let me know what you think. Drahms, right?!


Photo via bravotv.com

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